ABOUT Al Shami Restaurant

About Us

Our restaurant promise to offer you a pure authentic Syrian cuisine.
Our restaurant managed by head chef Ali Snoubar who has extensive long experience in Arabian cuisine. His kitchen journey started when he was 15 years old and till today with more than 25 years as a head chef, it’s a pleasure to have him in our kitchen.
Chef Ali managed multiple awards restaurants around the world such as; Shourfah Restaurant (Damascus – Syria) Sahara Hotel Restaurant (Damascus – Syria) Royal Palace of Bukhari (Doha – Qatar) Al-Arabi Restaurant (Seoul – South Korea)
In Alshami ; it's not just food ; it's about the experience and tradition.
Looking forward to see you in our restaurant.

Our Philosophy

We promise to offer you a unique flash back return to taste an authentic Middle Eastern food.
We respect our food; This is how we make sure our customers will have the most enjoyable Syrian cuisine.
In very short period of time we have achieved an outstanding reputation for the quality of our food and facilities. Customers come back to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, our friendly staff and affordable prices.
Our restaurant specialty is the daily meal, which is a Middle Eastern homemade cooking which you can’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Al Shami Restaurant FUNCTIONS

Contact us today at Al Shami Restaurant to discuss function.   Call   (02) 8677 1671   info@alshamirestaurant.com.au

Al Shami Restaurant is proud of its exemplary service and dining options. We provide our guests with a flexible banquet and events packages so they can fully customize their menu to their taste and liking. Our chefs will be happy to create whatever dishes they desire in order to achieve their perfect event. With highly trained staff providing engaging table service and personalized attention your occasions like Social gathering, Baptism, Birthday party, etc.

Al Shami Restaurant is unlike any events venue in the market. Apart from its rich design and finishing, it provides clients with the flexibility of choosing from different dining areas with a high seating capacity.

Al Shami Restaurant CATERING

Contact us today at Al Shami Restaurant to discuss catering.   Call   (02) 8677 1671   info@alshamirestaurant.com.au

Half sheep on rice


      Kabsa with lamb shanks

        Kibbeh Nayeh

          Chicken Kabsa without Bone


              Fried Kebbeh

                Lamb Kabsa Lamb without bone

                  Garden Salad



                        Whole Sheep on rice